In loving memory of Deuce

Deuce was part of the family for over 15 years. I picked him up at the ASPCA when he was a kitten. At around age 4 he was hit by a car, losing an eye and his vision, he also broke his jaw and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach (an awful cat food gruel we had to blend before serving). Another time he fell off a balcony and broke the roof of his mouth, later he fell in a ditch. Once he got lost and barely escaped being put to sleep in the pound. We travelled through all the pacific northwest in a van for months and he just chilled the whole time, often on the dashboard. His greatest feat was catching a bird while he was blind. Deuce was always gentle with the kids even when they were rough on him. He loved a good chin to rub up against and sleeping on anyones head, close to their breath. On Christmas Eve he crawled into a warm blanket, fresh from the drier and passed away. He used up far more than 9 lives- we will miss you Deucey. all love